Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moto on Touch - plus ca change...

Having just been rude about Samsung's touch attempts, I should add that Moto have thrown their own new effort into the mix - the Krave ZN4 (singalling some new sort of naming convention from Moto, keeping the weird spelling but relaxing the four letter word rule).

What's so special?

It has a dual touch screen. Get this - not just a main touch screen, like normal phones, but a second transparent flip down cover which is also a touch screen! Because... like... you can flip it down to lock the phone, but it doesn't lock! So... WTF, I give up.

Feels like my much hated old RAZR2 V8, which had two QVGA screens (both of which lit up when the handset was open, contributing to terrible battery life) and a set of controls which allowed your pocket to turn the ringer off without you knowing, reply to texts without opening the phone, etc

How American - expensive inefficient redundancy to do things you didn't really need to do, very slightly quicker than you could otherwise have done, whilst missing the basics and burning extra power to get there.

Still, at least it isn't another RAZR...


Blogger antyx said...

But surely the Krave is simply a continuation of Moto's long tradition of Linux smartphones, available exclusively in SE Asia.

10:10 am

Blogger raddedas said...

Yes, a continuation of the tradition... but with a second redundant screen to try and be innovative...

9:08 am

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