Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Designer Confusion

Apparently, "Since its March 2007 debut the Prada Phone by LG has been recognized as one of the world's most sophisticated handset combining innovative design with technological breakthroughs including the first complete touch screen."

Yes, that's right, the first complete touch screen ever. On anything? Well I assume they, like everyone else, know all about the touchscreen microwave in 2001 so they probably just mean the first on a mobile handset. Because of course all touchscreens on handsets prior to 2007, from 2000's Ericsson R380 through the Sony-Ericsson P800 and right the way on up to 2006's HTC TyTN were not, in fact, complete touch screens. No, they were all bereft of something, despite offering touch recognition over their entire screens. Possibly a designer logo or something.

It certainly has nothing to do with a lack of buttons, because the Prada has three on the front and a whole load round the edge. It may be to do with finger control instead of the more conventional stylus favoured by the UIQ and Windows Mobile devices that came before it - but that would assume some sort of definition of 'complete' hitherto unknown to me...

Alternatively, the press release may purely talking about phones that might be owned by people who would actually buy something because it had 'Prada' written on it. That is understandable, of course - the plebs really aren't worthy of consideration, and the P800 was certainly not marketed at the world's fashionistas.