Monday, July 02, 2007

TMobile Devicating On JavaME, says Nokia?

An amusing typo on the new Forum Nokia wiki gives the standard permissions for API access on Nokia MIDP phones, and then lists T-Mobile US as among the operators who are "devicating from the standard". Which sounds awfully appropriate given T-Mobile's refusal to allow apps signed by a 3rd-party to be installed on their phones (only unsigned or operator signed - kind of kills the point in signing...) and their propensity to lock phones down and prevent users from doing nasty things like using the network from Java (operators being natural opponents of network usage...)


Blogger Ed Welch said...

You know that anyone can edit an Wiki artical- that's the whole purpose of Wiki? Why don't you just correct the mistake rather than whinning about it?

9:48 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not whining, just laughing. Partly from the humour of the typo, partly because I've just given up with the short sighted nature of operators.

What's your problem?

12:09 pm

Blogger Ed Welch said...

Dude, if there's a typo then fix it - that's what wikis are for

1:30 pm


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