Thursday, July 12, 2007


Sony-Ericsson make the best mobile UIs, Motorla some of the worst (though things may be changing, and buying Sendo was a great move).

Sony-Ericsson have been pushing in new directions with the use of the Walkman and Cybershot brands (with Wega coming soon?) for vertically targetted devices, Motorola have spammed the world's mobile shops with identikit RAZR clones (oh, and they did the ROKR).

Amid strong growth in the mobile market, Sony-Ericsson profits are up 55% this quarter, Moto is down compared to last year and may make a loss in mobile phones this year.


(OK I think it's safe to stop bashing Moto now, one day soon they'll become the plucky underdog and people will start rooting for them again - the new platform could do it if they find a nicer box to put it in)