Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Motorola Make Computers Now Too

The latest MotoDev newsletter proudly declares "Motorola has recently released a handful of new mobile computers running Windows Mobile...", jumping on the Nokia bandwagon.

Which begs the question, at what point will consumers tell the industry they don't want all those lovely features they associate with PCs - crashes, virus threats, BSODs, bloatware, never having quite enough processor power or memory to run anythign quickly, etc? Nokia have clearly embraced the processing power/memory issue in S60 which grinds along as much as it ever did, but I remain unconvinced that this is what customers really want...


Blogger gibtang said...

Customers want reliable and fast OSes and cheap GPRS rates and handphones that last. Not the kind that auto expires on you the day after the 1 year warranty period is over.

8:12 am


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