Monday, March 26, 2007

World's 1st Dual Slider. By World We Mean USA. By USA We Mean Officially Announced By A US Network. Oh Just Stop Being Pedantic.

Helio today introduced the Helio Ocean, the world's first dual-slider combining a traditional numeric keypad and a separate full QWERTY keyboard in a single device.

Note the qualifier - whilst the Nokia N95 has a dual slide mechanism it's along the same plane, and doesn't cover QWERTY.

However, this announcement does rather ignore the Samsung F520, announced back at 3GSM this year offering... a dual-slide mechanism with traditional numeric keypad and a separate full QWERTY keyboard. Guess Ocean's PR droids missed that one when they were writing up the release, or felt that "world's second" or "a phone a bit like the one Samsung announced a while ago" just didn't carry the same punch.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesnt have the all the bottom keys in the keyboard. It just has vcxz and the reverse of it. Just look at the helio website to see what im talking about.

9:12 pm

Blogger Jacob W Abrams said...

All I can say is this handset is about as thick as a hamburger and much less pleasurable to hold in your hands. I'm guessing this is Helios answer to the Sidekick, which happens to be a massive brick as well.

12:59 am


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