Friday, March 23, 2007

OK OK, Music Will Never Make Us Money... But We Like Hanging Around Popstars

I do like Guy Kewney's ability to actually see what a statistic is saying, rather than to go cross eyed and start spouting rubbish (like an audience of Applistas listening to Steve Jobs lie).

So it's nice to see (somewhat belatedly) he has injected some reality into the mobile music debate: SMS Revenues are projected to be $70bn by 2012, and entire music industry is worth $35bn - so any revenue kick operators expect to get from their misguided belief that they have a big role in the music value chain can only be tiny compared to their core business. Yet another hole in the fallacy that they can significantly offer shareholders growth potential through data, rather than fade into the background as a bitpipe.

And, it has to be said, he also has a lovely accent.