Friday, March 23, 2007

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Hmmm, you know you've been too busy recently when you completely stop reading your RSS feeds for over a month... I appear to have been tagged to tell you 5 things you don't know about me by over at Everything And The Mobile Universe. Many apologies for not picking up on this, among many other things the Crossbow team have been keeping me up at night :)

This leaves me with two problems. One is that the point of this blog is you never know anythign about us except what we think about the mobile marketplace, and the other is that I haven't followed any other people that might read this blog enough to know who has already been tagged and who hasn't...

Well - the first problem I can deal with, so here we go:
  1. I think the random text generators used in spam have reached the level of poetry for me - prose that breaks all the rules, is awkward to read and ultimately doesn't make much sense and yet sometimes can be quite captivating.
  2. According to World66, I have dated girls from 6% of the world's countries (damn, there are just too many countries ;) - I've only lived in 3% and visited 12% though. Best get depleting the ozone layer whilst it's still somewhat socially acceptable.
  3. I have a theory that Italians can only fight effectively in an army if they're wearing skirts - witness Rome controlling most of the known world vs the amazing range of retreats they pioneered in WW2. I'm still working on the reasons behind this, but it's almost certainly something to do with chatting up girls, which can be pretty effective in the army's current regulation camos (check out the army recruits 'guarding' Ciampino airport by selflessly flirting with every girl that comes past). Given my pacifist leanings I'm inclined to see this as a good trait in Italians, not a bad one (Andrea please don't get upset - you're the only Italian I know who has read this blog ;).
  4. My favourite music video - you just can't beat breakdancing fluffy sharks.
  5. I've been to the most expensive karaoke bar in Tokyo. Didn't sing though.
The second problem is somewhat harder, except for #1 - I apologise if I'm tagging people who've already taken part, I did my best to search blogs and find people I read, who have at some point posted on the blog, who've never taken part:
  1. Thelf. I know he reads the blog and in theory he ought to post to the damn thing as well...
  2. Pondering Primate, who I've robustly discussed things with enough in the past that he might possibly read the blog. Hopefully you're not too busy Chief Innovating mate :)
  3. Andrea Trasatti, mastermind behind the WURFL.
  4. Gustaf Erikson, occasional scrivener.
  5. Michael Mace, in honour of the fact that he wrote a particularly amusing sarky post today which is a break from his usual insight. My vote's on #4.
That's my best shot, now to find out if anyone still does read this thing... and again, apologies if I've tagged people who've already done it etc :)


Blogger Andrea Trasatti said...

I agree Italians are not very good in war.

After the Roman Empire we have never been able to go out and conquer other countries.

Since the medieval times, we have turned to be much better in arts, poetry and thinking in general, but when you go down to fighting we're not so good (and according to the world wars, not even so good at picking our allies).

Don't worry, I don't have an issue with this. I also don't plan to join any war.

11:07 am

Blogger Michael Mace said...

Already been tagged, but thanks for asking. You can read my response here.


5:56 pm


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