Thursday, November 23, 2006

Misleading Headlines

It's always easier to nitpick someone else's work than create your own, so I'll just point out two unhelpful headlines in the last 24 hours from Slashphone:

1) SEVEN Delivers Push Email to the Popular Sony-Ericsson Phones (emphasis mine)

"The Popular Sony-Ericsson Phones" does sound so much better than "the two latest niche phones", but the P990 and the M600 really are two niche UIQ3 phones which I suspect are in no way as popular as the Walkman range, the K750 etc. Coming off the back of impressive sales and profitability for SE this appears to be a SEVEN PR bunny trying to create an exagerated impression of sales/market penetration/whatever among those who skim read the news, and Slashphone just printed verbatim.

Interestingly, SEVEN's blurb says they support "all major mobile phone platforms, including BREW, J2ME, ..." but their product actually only supports Symbian and Windows Mobile, ie. native code on smartphone platforms making up a small percentage of worldwide handsets. I don't have anything against them, they should maybe just be a little bit more honest in what they can and can't do...

2) Nokia Emerges As Market Leader
OK call me a pedant, but doesn't the use of the word "emerges" suggest this was some kind of new development, rather than a continuation of the status quo?

The world will not end, but hitting me twice in quick succession with silly headlines was enough to warrant a post methinks. One day soon I may move on and do one of the many posts I have planned containing actual original thought and opinion...