Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fair And Flexible Price Hike

Just so I'm not always bashing Vodafone for being greedy, Sprint have just quietly increased SMS charges by 50% as part of their "Fair and Flexible" price review; they used to be priced competitively for the US. But you can buy a 300 SMS/month bundle and pay more than you did before per SMS, but less than you'd otherwise have to - bargain.

Presumably what "Fair and Flexible" means is that if you are a customer and upset, you can fairly and flexibly wait 'til the end of your contract and then sign up with someone else?

Customer spaying more for their SMS will undoubtedly happily accept this price increase for a service they regularly use when they realise it will pay for the roll out of WiMax at the end of 2007, full movie downloads they can't realistically watch on a phone, and other great stuff.