Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Buy our company now! (Please)

Amusing post on Mobileindustry.biz about mobile games developer Kiloo who, in the words of their vp of marketing, "would love to be the mobile division of a big media company." There were also unconfirmed reports that he also expressed said how nice it would be to "win the lotttery" and "date some supermodels."

Kiloo, who I must confess to having previously been ignorant of, do have some tasty IP in the form of the Lego license and Hugo the Troll (who I'm reliably informed is a big name in Europe in the same way the Germans are obssessed with Alf and the Hof). However from their site the seem to be more of a developer than publisher with few operator relationships, (traditionally seem as one of the cornerstones of value to mobile investors) with the Lego games set to be distributed by the folks at Handsonmobile.

However good luck to them, although someone should explain to them the concept of playing hard to get.....