Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finally, the phone the world has been waiting for

The Nokia 7510 fashion phone, of course! And by 'fashion', they mean like those shops selling cheap and nasty stuff with the word "Fashion" in the shop name somewhere, or a big flourescent orange star in the window with 'fashion' written on it in black marker. It's not as ugly as the Levis phone, but really it just looks like a cheap bit of badly designed plastic - maybe it's just a preproduction mockup but it'd need to change a lot to get exciting...

Allegedly someone else also launched a new phone, but as it is basically the same as the old one but meeting the barest minimum of rumours, I'll leave any commentary on it to better analysts. For me the only entertaining thing reading the coverage was how many things Apple have back tracked on. Local apps bad, webapps the only way forward? That must be why eBay have a new local app then. 3G a waste of time? Yup, got that now and suddenly it's the fastest thing ever and a revolution blah blah. Blackberries bad because of all the layers of servers? Well, er, new Apple enterprise sync stuff is basically same thing, but hey, now they are Apple's layers. etc. Oh, ok, I lie. The other entertaining thing came from the coverage of sites claiming this was now a Blackberry killer because it had better Exchange support. Really, please. People use Blackberries because they can type fast on the keyboard and the UI is optimised for the sorts of things they want to do - push email alone isn't enough. Amazing how obvious that one is but maybe people get paid by the word or something, and have to gush out whatever rubbish comes into their heads.

One thing I have noted using my iPod Touch though - which has all the good bits of the iPhone without the bad, IMHO - if the iPhone (damn, I said it) accelerometer is anywhere near as bad as the Touch's, I think it'll prove to be a trully terrible gaming platform - apart from puzzles like MahJongg maybe, and possibly Sim City or something. You can't do most games with a fairly accurate touchscreen and some flaky motion detection.