Monday, February 11, 2008

Samsung PR Drone Distracted While Writing Soul Release

The Soul is apparently the "completion" of the Ultimate Edition line, which means we shall no doubt be regaled by some new line of editions even more ultimate than Ultimate. There's clearly a lot to be excited about with this phone as it (perhaps greedily) has a whole three graphical UIs in it! The release writer lists all of them:
  1. The Thematic UI, which can be completely customised by the user;
  2. There's a User Created Skin system, which does sound a lot like one of the parts of the Thematic UI but we can pretend it's a whole second UI if they'd like;
  3. Er, what's that over there in the corner? Must have been the cat walking past. Where was I? Oh yeah, it's 12.9mm thin!
Some have claimed a single consistent and simple UI is enough for one phone, but maybe three will work out well for Samsung. The little direction pad thingy might be good too. Only time will tell...

I tried to confirm that this wasn't just lazy SlashPhone release rewriting, but three days after the release date Samsung's UK web site has no Soul, at least in the press section, and the Group section (tagline: "you will meet SAMSUNG the digital are (sic) leader") didn't have any Soul either.

Apologies for the recent series of short sniping posts, but beyond Sony-Ericsson endorsing the Beast (under a layer of new UI) there's not so much interesting going on at GSMA, just more of the same... there's a post to be had in SE's current OS position but not one I'm up to writing now...