Monday, February 11, 2008

Mobile Magazine smoking something strong

Just amused myself reading an "interesting" "news post" on Mobile Magazine, which suggests Nokia might start using Windows Mobile when v7 or v8 comes out. Possible, of course, maybe some time after a swarm of flying pigs decides to carry so much snow down into hell that it freezes over.

Couldn't help but be reminded that, in the UK at least, Cannabis is now three times stronger than it used to be (according to experts at the BBC). Related?


Blogger Teco said...

They probably did it for the headlines. It's either that or they should quit pot, as the post they used as a source (at has a few laughs at the idea.

4:03 pm

Blogger ceedee said...

"Cannabis is now three times stronger than it used to be"

If that's true, then it hasn't reached us down in Bath yet!

1:57 am


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