Monday, January 28, 2008

Whither MotoMAGX?

Motorola's chaotic platform non-plan just took a step backwards as Nokia bought Trolltech, who's Qtopia platform sits under Moto's new MAGX feature phone platform (as seen on the new RAZR2 V8, U9 etc).

I'm sure that's not why Nokia just bought them (others have some better speculation than me there), but it will be interesting to see how sanguine Moto will be about it given how much they've invested into Linux and their precarious position...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Motorola have been in the process of replacing QT for a while (hardly surprising because the V8 UI is rubbish). The next gen MOTOMAGX devices will have a completely different UI layer but I'm not sure which one.

I got this information from the Motodev Summit.

12:25 pm

Blogger raddedas said...

I'd say the V8 UI is about a million times better than the V3 UI - but yeah I'll concede it isn't great :)

Sounds like yet more fumbling around at Moto, not what they need - thanks for the info though

6:34 pm

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