Tuesday, January 08, 2008

SE Release First Flip Phone (That Isn't The Same As The Last One)

Quite a few sites seem to be reporting on Sony-Ericsson's brave first foray into the world of flip phones. Even if you don't cound the P800 and successors as flip phones, this would still be curious news for 2003's Z600, and the 20 other flip phones (not counting regional variants) that they have released since then...

So what did SE actually say to confuse some of the less thorough members of the press?

W350 release: "Featuring for the first time from Sony Ericsson a flip phone that allows you to control your music at your fingertips" - presumably 2006's W300 Walkman flip phone required you to press the controls with the pads of your fingers, or possibly your knuckles, instead of fingertips?

OK, I'm being pedantic, but surely someone engaged brain before retyping the press release?


Blogger antyx said...

Hilarious, considering Ericsson (sans Sony) essentially invented this particular style of flip phone...

11:24 am

Blogger gibtang said...

First flip phone? What a joke. Maybe they have erased that nightmare of a phone called Z600 from their mind?

8:22 am


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