Friday, August 03, 2007

Nokia To Become Big In Mobile - Open Gardens Exclusive

Never one to let a week slip by without giving the world something to chuckle about, Ajit at Open Gardens has stuck his neck out and said he reckons that a company other than Apple - his bet is on Nokia - will be the company to own most of the mobile data market. This despite Apple's clear innovation lead being first to market with a mobile data device (I think it helps the argument to ignore the few billion that had been sold before the iPhone launch).

This is the sort of out-there, just-maybe-possible prediction that only a visionary genius could spot - expect Nokia's share price to rocket today in vindication.

(In unrelated news, Nokia just announced a profit increase of two and a half times this quarter which may mean they'll grow beyond the 36% market share they had in Q1, but this news is surely small beans compared to the endorsement of a mobile visionary such as Ajit)

OK, he's talking about mobile data not just mobile, but as the purveyor of far more mobile data access devices than anyone else in the world (including of course Apple) and an aggressive strategy for pushing data-capable devices into the hands of consumers whether they like it or not (eg. trojan horse marketing of S60 phones as consumer-oriented) which predates the iPhone announcement, it would be hard for Nokia not to end up owning a significant chunk of the mobile data market.