Thursday, July 26, 2007

Statistics For Morons

"According to figures announced today by the Mobile Data Association (MDA), an overall total of 45.6 million unique users were recorded as having used their phones for downloads and browsing the mobile internet in the UK throughout October, November and December last year, an average of 15 million each month."

So by that logic, after 4 months at this rate we'd have had 60m unique users (every person in the UK), and by the end of the year 180m unique users in the UK - or the UK population plus all the Polish plumbers, and the whole of the rest of their compatriates back home plus the population of Germany for good measure, all deciding to come to the UK to use the mobile web. If we take into account increasing demand - by extrapolating a straight line of course - the UK will have more than the entire world's population of unique users within a few years...


Blogger antyx said...

Has three quarters of the UK population really downloaded a ringtone? Seems improbable.

1:26 am


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