Sunday, May 27, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

Credit where credit's due, the Jbed-FastBCC JVM on the LG KE970 Shine is actually very nice. The extra compilation step seems pretty reliable (so far) and is quick; the JVM itself moves pretty nicely (though it flickers a bit when you're plotting a lot of things without a GameCanvas); it has full 8bit alpha transparency (even though it is reported as 2bit) and it supports silky smooth fully anti-aliassed fonts in three sizes, with bold and italic variants. It's so nice that I'd actually upgrade immediately to the Shine, if it weren't for the roller: it should offer high-speed scrolling with accurate positioning, but instead LG chose to make it painfully slow but innaccurate with really awkward left and right buttons.

So JBed appear to have turned a corner, and now offer products worth using. Which is nice.


Blogger gibtang said...

Great news since the best VM so far come from the Sony Ericsson phones(excluding the horrendous T610). LG phones used to have pretty lousy VM even for new phones such as the LG Chocolate. Do you know any other new LG phones that will have this new JBed VM?

5:44 pm

Blogger raddedas said...

There are definitely some others but it's hard to be absolutely sure how many - take a look at somewhere like JBenchmark, who record the microedition.platform system property - you can gauge from that and specs which should be the same...

10:34 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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