Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Finally, I can post.

For my benefit as a blogger with Blogger, Google have now started demanding I use a google login and not my old blogger login; obviously this is for my benefit, to improve the service blah blah. Compulsory, but it'll be well worth it!

So I switch, which comprises a tedious form and a new sign-up and a password strength indicator which is entirely based on the number of characters you type in - a single English word all in lower case was rated stronger than a random selection of mixed case letters and digits which was one character shorter. But it was written in DHTML (or maybe even AJAX for all I know) so must be Correct and Good.

Then I try to post. But I can't, because the blog is owned by someone else with an old login. Something incontrovertable in the database has changed in the last week or two, and suddenly it is simply impossible for me to post. Thelf (owner of the blog - back then he planned to actually write some posts) is on holiday, so I have to sit and twiddle my thumbs until he turns up, creates a new GMail account, and converts the blog. Now I'm in.

Was it worth it? Well I think there appears to be some sort of 'label' system to add keywords to posts... and a slightly better designed Edit Posts page to manage the posts (but really not very different)... and... fuck it. It's the same, and this was a monumental waste of my time. Thanks Google, I was going to write a non-critical post about you but now I won't. Feel the wrath of the blogosphere! (cue evil cackles, fade out)

UPDATE: hmmm. For some reason I appear to be Thelf now. Feels strange - somewhat roomier around the waist department... my fault for forcing him to use my PC to convert the blog I guess.