Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You Have To leave The Market To Be Able To Say What Everyone Thinks

Kuju just dropped out of the mobile content market, and made it very clear why. Whilst I feel sorry for them, they are dead right in everything they say and it needed saying. I doubt you couldfind a developer/publisher in the western world who would disagree with them, off the record.
With 3 turning from the closed garden loss making idiots into a last ditch, change-the-rules-or-die trying saviour of mobile data (flat rate data? no roaming? excellent!), we can hope that the market will not look like this come 2008, but the stupidity of the big operators never ceases to amaze so I wouldn't be putting money on it.
I feel particularly anti-operator having spent 2 hours trying to set up an operator-free K700, K750 and 6680 to network inside Java using Orange and O2 PAYG SIMs last night (and in fact an Orange contract SIM) - it should be as easy as requesting settings but it definitely is not. It summed up some of the huge problems with the operators - such trivial things should not only be very simple to achieve, they should be transparent. But we had to deal with settings not arriving, out of data web provisioning sites, "automatic" settings pushes not actually working, call centre staff not knowing about HTTP internet settings and insisting they didn't exist (when their colleagues on the next call knew about them), etc etc ad infinitum. All of which prevents mobile data taking off in a big way and needlessly kills an industry that could flourish.