Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is a Moto Ming owner a Minge or just a Minger?

The MOTO MING has grabbed 1% of new phone sales in China and now it's apparently coming to the west. Great news, as it actually looks like quite a sexy high-end Linux phone and there's a strong suggestion that it doesn't have the standard Moto UI which can only be a good thing.

There is strong anecdotal evidence that "mingers" are a vast demographic in the UK (you'll be wanting the Newcastle & Tyne section halfway down the page there - they didn't provide an anchor sadly), so in theory Moto could have hit marketing gold - but should the Moto marketing drones (MRKT DRNS, to call them by their internal moniker) really play up this association? Do mingers appreciate this categorisation, however much they have earned it? Should Moto instead perhaps push the Ming as the "Minge" in the UK, building an implicit association with a commodity the highly lucrative 18-25yo male demographic actively seeks out?

Difficult questions, but the rewards could be huge - and Moto could definitely do with some good news right now.