Monday, July 17, 2006

World Too Hot For Exciting Phone News

The approval of the official Razr follow-up sums up the lack of exciting things in mobile in the last few days - it's quite thin, it has a 176x220 screen, it (presumably) has that wonderful UI, it looks just like a Razr, I'm sorry I just fell asleep. Same as last one, again, nothing to see here.

Also I found out the N80 is actually just falling over on Orange and therefore the issues seem to be entirely Nokia QA related; my apologies to Symbian. It is ironic that the extensible programmable smartphone platform is incapable of handling a few simple menu extensions whereas eg. Samsung appear to be able to Orange-customise their closed non-extensible OSs on the D500, Z400 etc for near simultaneous releases across networks. But there you go...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently the N80 has no menus because it is not a signature phones... and the reason its not a signature phone is....

7:17 pm


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